The Peach Bowl: OU has a chance

I consider LSU a blue blood in college football. When I think of the big dogs in the sport, LSU is always in the discussion. In my opinion, this is a great matchup for Oklahoma. I wouldn’t say that OU is getting the same athletes as these big dogs yet, but they are getting there. Lincoln Riley has made recruiting a priority since getting to Oklahoma. We see all of the athletes that he gets on offense, but he has secretly put together a good defense. Hiring Alex Grinch as his defensive coordinator, has been a program changing hire. Something that no one seems to be talking about, is that the Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, has been sacked 28 times this year. With Grinch’s fast and blitzing defense, this could be a good thing for OU. LSU has great receivers, along with the Biletnikoff winner, Ja’Marr Chase, which will be a great task for Oklahoma’s defensive backs. One of the biggest keys for OU in this game, is to get pressure on Burrow.

Even though Oklahoma has a high powered offense once again, it is much different this year. OU has relied on Jalen’s running ability. Riley has been great at running down the clock and giving the defense rest this year. This will be key against LSU in the playoff, but they must score touchdowns once in the red zone. OU has struggled the last few games with getting much needed touchdowns after running down the clock. To me, the biggest key of the game for OU, is to not turn over the ball. Hurts has been sloppy with the ball in the most crucial times of the game. If OU can take care of the ball and score, they will have a great opportunity to win the game. Another key to OU having success, will be the offensive line. They have struggled with holding penalties the last two games. If they can find a way to bully the big dogs of LSU, this will go along way in providing Riley and Hurts a great day.

Vegas isn’t giving OU much of a chance. Oklahoma comes into this playoff game almost a two touchdown underdog. Watching LSU this year, who can blame them. Taking down the mighty Tigers will be a tall task, but OU has a great chance to pull off the upset. With Jalen as the leader and Grinch at the helm of the defense, anything can happen.

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